Especially for businesses just starting out, video can capture the attention and understanding of your target audience in under 2 minutes. When viewers watch a video, they retain 95% of the message, yet only 10% after reading written content. Your visual assets are extremely important. They’re a chance to show off all of these things to your audience.

Music videos

A music video is an audio-visual recording of one or more musical performances, which can be either recorded live or filmed and edited. It’s the perfect way to promote a band or recording artist and grow their following.

“Cinema is a matter of what’s in the frame and what’s out.”

Martin Scorsese

It includes preproduction work such as storyboarding and stylistic consultation for performers on how their performance will look in the context of the song’s visual narrative. There are also post-production techniques such as color correction, editing, graphics, animation, and special effects that make each music video a unique creative project.

Corporate videos

Corporate video production is a way of communicating information in an easily digestible format. It allows businesses to communicate directly with their customers and clients in a more personable and friendly manner.

It’s great for announcing new products or services, training employees, or simply relaying important company information. Customers are more likely to remember a message when it’s delivered using corporate video production versus other types of media.

Video montage

Montage is a technique of film editing that combines a series of short shots or clips into one sequence, often set to music. The word montage is French for “assembly” or “editing.”. Montage sequences often imply the passage of time or multiple simultaneous events and are a vehicle to present the audience with a lot of information at once. They can be used to evoke a range of emotions.

Promotional videos

Making a promotional video is an effective way to advertise your business. The video has a big impact on potential customers’ perception of your brand, so you must get it right with a professional-looking video.

Promotional videos can be used to show customers what you offer or how to use a product. They’re also great for re-branding efforts since they provide an opportunity to tell your company’s story interestingly.

Brand videos

Brand films are short videos created to showcase a brand as a form of digital marketing. Usually, they tell a story, connecting the audience to the brand’s core messages, and can be fictional or documentary style. They differ from standard video advertising in that they aren’t a direct sales pitch of a product. Not only do they explain what they’re selling, they convey why by outlining the brand’s fundamental values.

TV commercials

Commercial video production is a short-form video that briefly describes your product, service, or brand promise. Investing in commercial video production is worth considering when you want to reach a larger audience and are looking to increase brand awareness.

Typically, commercials:

  • Seek to establish an emotional connection with your audience.
  • Feature professional onscreen and voice talent.
  • Have very high production quality.
  • Are distributed to a larger audience through targeted ad campaigns.


Other than having to make a great film, the filmmaker must do everything in his/her power to stack the odds in their favor. The responsibilities are great.

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